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Managing Stress: Effectively Reduce and Manage Stress in your Life

Alberta Healthy Living Program



Many things can cause stress.  It can stem from your job, health, a conflicts in belief, or a major life change.  Learning how to reduce of prevent stress can help you manage chronic conditions, improve mental health and reduce your risk of developing a range of disorders such as hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and irritable bowel syndrome.  In this workshop you will learn more about stress, how to manage it and also how to practice mindful eating.

Topics include:

  • What stress is
  • What causes stress and how it can affect your life
  • Mindful eating

Who it’s For:

Anyone who feels stress and would like to learn how to reduce or prevent it.


Two sessions, 2.5 hours each

Workshops are free.  For more information or to register call 1-877-314-6997.