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Big Country Primary Care Network (PCN)

The physicians of the Hanna Medical Clinic belong to the collaborative Big Country Primary Care Network.  This Primary Care Network has 39 physicians in 8 clinics in east central rural Alberta.

The Hanna Medical Clinic offers the services of a Big Country Primary Care Network:

Referral Navigators: coordinate referral appointments, investigations and provide information on various Primary Care Network and Alberta Health Services programs and services offered throughout the community for patients.

Registered Nurse: LaWanda     and     Licensed Practical Nurse:  Heather
The Big Country PCN nurse works closely with the physicians in the clinic to provide direct care for complex care patients.  LaWanda and Heather focus on chronic disease care and management, disease and injury prevention, prenatal care, anticoagulation management and health promotion.  LaWanda and Heather provide essential services in the clinic by improving health care access for patients and offers one on one education services for those who may require it.  The Big Country Primary Care Network RN and LPN can assist patients in registering for, or provide patients with information on various Primary Care Network and Alberta Health Service programs offered in the community.

Wellness Coordinator:  Patrick

Certified Exercise Physiologists work with healthy populations as well as individuals and families who are challenged by musculoskeletal limitations and cardiovascular, pulmonary, neuromuscular and metabolic diseases. This population can range from pediatrics to seniors.  The PCN provides clients with education and guidance for their chronic Disease Management according to their Best Care Practice.  This would include baseline measures and assessment for body composition, aerobic endurance and muscular strength.
Working collaboratively within an interdisciplinary team, the exercise specialist is responsible for the evaluation, development, implementation, and maintenance of exercise programs. They educate individuals about healthy lifestyles and teach self-management skills to control health conditions and enhance quality of life. The programs utilized by the Exercise Physiologist follow the PCN's Best Care Practise pathways and are evidence-based, client centered and meets the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and/or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) standards of practice.

Medical Footcare: Aly

Aly is an Licensed Practical Nurse, trained in medical Footcare.  Aly provides essential footcare to those clients with chronic health conditions and health management issues, requiring her services.  Please talk to your doctor or the Big Country RN or LPN to book your appointment with Aly.

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